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Quality Time For Your Body. Our promise.

For over a decade, our aim has been to offer challenging, high-quality training that has a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

Maintain Health and Regain Health. Our Training.

Whether you want to address health issues, achieve peak athletic performance or simply become more active, everyone is welcome at Pilates Time.

We focus on individual one-on-one lessons and small groups to enable optimal learning and training success.

Balance of Body and Mind. Our philosophy.

As a Pilates studio, we follow in the tradition of the inventor Joseph H. Pilates. Joseph H. Pilates combined the principles of Eastern philosophies with Western sports. Pilates is an extremely efficient functional system. It addresses numerous meridians, organs, and many structural and neural components simultaneously.

Biomechanical efficiency. Ease of movement. Economy of effort.

The focus is on bringing the body into physical and mental balance. The key to good health is the balance of body and mind.

Teaching the Pilates method requires many years of training. That is why all our teachers have internationally recognized training and certification. As teachers, we are committed to continuous professional development.


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