Private classes give a deeper learning experience as they are customized to your body’s  specific needs. Individual instruction delivers a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Pilates that in turn can be applied to everyday living, activities and sports. Each class lasts for 55 minutes.
Semi-private classes can be customized for two students with similar requirements. Each class lasts for 55 minutes.

Group Mat

Group mat classes for 4-6 clients. These are a fun and affordable way to keep up your Pilates practice. Mat classes offer the benefit of teaching exercises that can easily be practiced at home. Each class lasts for 55 minutes.

Group Equipment, Reformer I, II

An equipment-based group class combines strength, endurance, core stability and balance while working on Pilates equipment. Small groups are limited to 4 participants to ensure that each client gets full attention during the workout. 60 minutes of fun and energetic work which will lead to great results.






Starting from Summer 2017 “GYROTONIC® Exercise Method – Pulley Tower Combination Unit”